For too long it has been a massive financial hurdle to invest in a great website that drives results.

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the future of investing in the online presence of your business.

  • Smarter ROI
  • Business Analysis
  • Monthly Maintenance Credits
  • Unique You
  • Fully Tax Deductible
  • Web Hosting
  • Freedom To Move

Smarter ROI

A low set up fee and low monthly payments make for an even better ROI and one that arrives much quicker, too. Web Lease is the smart choice. All you have to do is make it.


Monthly Maintenance Credits

When we were building the Web Lease concept, we made sure we pulled out all of the stops. If you thought you were getting incredible value for money as it was – each month you accrue maintenance credits, which can be put towards future development of your website, or anything else you need done, really.


Fully Tax Deductible

Web Lease carries the same benefit of other lease terms, whereby all of the payments you make are totally tax deductible. The advantages of an expense with asset-like appreciation? Anything to make you smile!


Freedom To Move

When you see low monthly payments with a top-notch product, we do not blame you that you must immediately see a long contract ahead of you, should you decide we are the right fit for you. The good news is, we have none of that for Nautikall Web Lease. We actually do not see the need to tie you down, as we are confident once you join, you will be more than happy to stick around.


Business Analysis

True Web Design that achieves good results cannot be simply placed in a template. Before our website projects reach the design phase, our Business Analyst team compiles a wireframe for the top web pages based on their research for lead generation, user experience, among a range of other factors.


Unique You

The difference in each business is, of course, what sets everyone apart from the rest. Therefore, we find it makes perfect sense to customise each solution to suit the intricacies of individual businesses and the uniqueness they offer to their customers.


Web Hosting

The quality does not stop with Web Hosting. As a Partner of ICONZ, Nautikall's servers come with the same trusted name and standard that goes unmatched by the majority of alternative servers, especially when price is a factor.



Q: What can I use my maintenance credits for, and how long do they last?
Pretty much anything Nautikall provides as a service, whether it be some design work for your next marketing campaign or further additions to your website. Ask your Account Manager for more ideas.

Q: What if I want to do the unexpected, and leave?
If your situation has changed, we make it easy to move on. You can either go with, or without your leased product. If you wish to keep it, enquire with your Account Manager and we will calculate a fair price to settle the balance.